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Strata easel challenge week 3

Three weeks into January already! How is your year going so far?

It has been cold this week with frosty mornings, but gorgeous sunrises to compensate.

Early sunsets mean painting during daylight is impossible during the week so I've been getting creative with lighting the still life subjects for the challenge.

I hope you enjoy this week’s selection :)

Day 16 ‘Oranges and a lemon’ oil 6x4" canvas paper

A quick painting completed whilst still some daylight, before heading out to watch my son’s football match. I was glad for an afternoon kick off as the morning was icy - at least the sun was out in the afternoon 🥶

Day 17 ‘ Green pear on red’ oil 8x6” panel

I don’t usually eat pears but this one wanted to be painted so somehow it ended up in my trolley when I was at the supermarket 😁

Day 18 ‘Odd man out’ oil 8x6” panel

These British apples also landed in my shopping basket based on their paintability rather than taste! Anyone know which variety they are and whether their flavour is as great as their colour?

Day 19 ‘A grey day’ oil A4 oil paper

A new term started at Sunningwell Art school with a tonal painting using only black and white. I only had about 30 minutes to do the painting after preliminary sketches and tea break

Day 20 ’The one that got away’ oil 6x4” canvas paper

Back to the apples and a pear today as I didn’t have a lot of time to set up a new still life.

Day 21 ‘Heading out’ oil 8x8” panel

It was late and, as the apples were already set up, it was easy to rearrange them slightly and paint them again.

Day 22 ‘What I see in a mirror’ oil 7x5” panel

I thought I’d try a self portrait, but it turns out trying to paint a reflection of a moving being is harder than it looks! Also not helped by the changing light as night fell.

Day 23 ‘Looking ahead to Spring’ oil 8x8” panel

I have painted this watering can before as I love the colour, but the shape is tricky! The red background is possibly a bit too vibrant but it is my favourite colour and hard to lighten without turning it pink 😆

Day 24 ‘Gin o’clock’ oil, 7x5” panel

Sometimes it feels like a gin is needed after a challenging day - I decided to paint rather than drink it 😁. The frustration was caused by roadworks leading to a 20minute wait to leave the Hospital site after work. Such delays were a regular occurrence before Covid but lighter traffic has become a norm - a benefit from the pandemic that I hope stays!

Just 7 days left now to the end of this January challenge. I hope you are enjoying the paintings so far? Do you have a favourite?

I’ll be giving one of the challenge paintings to a lucky email subscriber in early February - if you haven’t signed up yet just click here:

The winner of the draw gets to choose their favourite to keep! How would that feel?

You can find the challenge paintings from weeks 1 and 2 in earlier blogs if you've missed them.

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