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Strada easel challenge week 2

How has your week been? Are you sticking to those New Year Resolutions?

Mine was to find time for a painting every day through January so I entered the Strada easel painting challenge to keep me motivated.

The first full week back to the normal routine was challenging to find time and energy to paint every day, but somehow I managed it! I am exploring lots of different ideas and glad to be painting regularly again. Lots of practice ahead of creating some larger paintings for two exhibitions coming up in May.

I hope you enjoy this week’s paintings, all painted from life within 2 hrs

Day 8 ‘Yellow bunny’ Oil on panel 8x8”

I have a bag of favourite toys from my (almost) grown up kids that are waiting to go into long-term storage in the loft. I couldn’t resist getting this little cutie out one more time!

Day 9 ‘Banana and grapes’ Oil on panel 8x8”

Back to fruit and trying some red/black grapes today. We always have these in our fridge, but I have never tried to paint them before: it’s amazing how many different colours there are when you look at something intensely!

Day 10 ‘Blueberries’ Oil on panel 7x5”

I enjoyed the grapes so threw in some blueberries and switched to a yellow background for a change, I’ve not painted blueberries before either!

Day 11 ‘Red pepper on green’ Oil on panel 7x5”

Keeping with vibrant colours I thought I’d mix it up with a green background and the most colourful veg I could find in the fridge. Oh, and this is the first time I have attempted a yellow tomato too 😁

Day 12 ‘Red fruit in a bowl’ Oil on panel 8x8”

I loved the colours in yesterday’s painting so attempted a more complex set up this evening, kept loose due to time constraints

Day 13 ‘Little white hyacinth’ Oil on panel 7x5”

This hyacinth has been sprouting quietly on my window sill and today was it’s chance to shine! It was a gift last year and a welcome surprise to see it flowering again - a hint at spring despite the freezing weather outside

Day 14 ’Onion and garlic’ approx 6x5” on oil paper

Sticking with bulbs today. The onion would not stay still until I found this little pot; but it did add to the complexity! My thoughts are beginning to turn to planting plans, are yours? 😊

Day 15 ‘Red grapefruit’ approx 6x5” on oil paper

The inspiration was my morning breakfast, I used to have sugar on these to make them palatable but these days I love fresh grapefruit just as they are - yum. Subject eaten soon after 😋

I’ll be giving one of my challenge paintings away to a lucky email subscriber at the end of the month, so if you haven’t signed up yet just click on the link below:

The winner gets to choose their favourite to keep, which would you choose?

You can find the week 1 paintings in last week's blog.

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