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So, it's been a few weeks since the hectic fortnight that was Artweeks and I thought it was about time to catch up with you again! I have been busy painting Magpies as one of my Artweeks visitors asked if she could have one. I ended up painting two as I enjoyed painting the first one so much! She eventually decided on the second one, on the right.

Both these paintings need names, so if you have any ideas let me know :)

This was my first proper commission and I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would! Usually commissions are charged at a higher rate than a non-commissioned piece that is the same size, due to the extra work involved. However, I'm letting two more customers have a commissioned painting at the cost of a non-commissioned piece whilst I work out the process. If you'd like me to paint something for you (and don't mind being a guinea-pig!), then drop me an email and we can discuss your requirements.

Also this month, I had an article published about me and my art journey in our local parish newsletter. If you'd like to read more then hop over to my web-site where you can download the full article

link here:

To get in contact about a commissioned painting, use the email contact icon at the bottom of the page.

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Wow! I can’t believe it is the final day of Artweeks today! It’s been an exhausting but rewarding journey.

Today’s theme is Adventures Abroad, so I’m sharing this painting from my Summer Memories collection that sold earlier this week. I’ll be packing it off to its new owner tomorrow, once the exhibition is over.

The themed art trail video is here:

Cruising, oil on 8x8” canvas board

Croatia is a country that must be more water than land - a coastal strip peppered with islands. Not surprisingly the main mode of transport is boat, with sea taxis linking the islands.

The Summer Memories collection was inspired by our last summer holiday there, and has been popular throughout Artweeks. In contrast to the weather outside visitors have enjoyed the warmth exuding from these paintings, and also like the pink peeking through 😊

I can’t wait to get back to a country that is warm and dry!

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Today’s theme is The British Isles, so I thought I’d share this week’s new painting - so fresh off the easel it hasn’t got a name yet!

Oil 10x12” I mean, everyone in the British Isles loves a teddy bear. We grow up with Rupert the bear, Paddington bear, Goldilocks and the three bears, Winnie the Pooh and others. In pre-school there is often a special bear that the children can borrow. In our local school we had Barney - each weekend it was the turn of a different child to take him home and to record their special adventures with him in his diary. He went to the local park a lot! This particular bear decided they wanted their portrait painted and turned up in Sunningwell school of art just in time for this week’s lesson. They even brought some of their special toys with them! 😊 It’s the last 2 days of Artweeks and I’m hoping for a few more visitors over the weekend, although it is cold and grey again 🤞. It has been so rewarding seeing the response to my art from the visitors that have ventured out ❤️ If you want to watch today’s themed video it is here:

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