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Strada easel challenge week 1

I'm kicking off my painting practice this year with the Strada easel challenge - painting from life every day throughout January to earn an entry into the prize draw for a Strada easel at the end of the month. Here is how I have got on for the first seven days - I am hoping to see improvement over the month!

Day 1 - Sprouting onion: found in the bottom of my fridge whilst having a post-christmas clear-out. I loved the way the leaves are emerging from the shrivelled bulb. Oil on canvas paper approx A5

Day 2 - Football bauble: I decided to paint one of the baubles from the christmas tree before putting them back up in the loft for another year. This one is pretty unusual - a little football and boot chosen by my son when he was younger. Oil on canvas paper approx 6 x 4"

Day 3 - Carnations and a thistle: I was given a lovely bunch of flowers for christmas and decided to have a go at painting some of them before they dried up. Oil on canvas paper approx 6 x 4"

Day 4 - Red carnation: I had another attempt at the carnation but the colour still wasn't as vibrant as I'd like! Oil on canvas paper approx 6 x 4"

Day 5 - Orange and banana: Back to work and with less time to paint I decided to choose a simpler subject this evening. Oil on canvas paper approx 6 x 4"

Day 6 - Mouse and orange: Sticking with the orange and upping the difficulty slightly by adding in this cute and fluffy white mouse. Oil on canvas paper approx 6 x 4"

Day 7 - Mouse and banana: I really enjoyed painting the mouse yesterday so painted him again though with a different snack this time :) Oil on canvas paper approx 6 x 4"

At the end of the month I will be giving away one of the challenge paintings to one of my VIP subscribers, who'll get to choose their favourite. If you're not already a subscriber then you can quickly join using this link - as long as you are a member before 1st February 2022 you will be entered in to the prize draw. Good luck!

See you next week

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