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Artweeks - the final day

Wow! I can’t believe it is the final day of Artweeks today! It’s been an exhausting but rewarding journey.

Today’s theme is Adventures Abroad, so I’m sharing this painting from my Summer Memories collection that sold earlier this week. I’ll be packing it off to its new owner tomorrow, once the exhibition is over.

The themed art trail video is here:

Cruising, oil on 8x8” canvas board

Croatia is a country that must be more water than land - a coastal strip peppered with islands. Not surprisingly the main mode of transport is boat, with sea taxis linking the islands.

The Summer Memories collection was inspired by our last summer holiday there, and has been popular throughout Artweeks. In contrast to the weather outside visitors have enjoyed the warmth exuding from these paintings, and also like the pink peeking through 😊

I can’t wait to get back to a country that is warm and dry!

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