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Artweeks Day 8

Today's video themed art trail is 'Oxford's Dreaming Spires', and you can view it here - some great paintings today!

Despite living close to, and working in, Oxford, I actually have no paintings to show today linked to this theme! So instead I thought I would share a short video I just made about my painting process. I paint in oil using the 'alla prima' technique, which basically means the painting is completed before the paint dries. For the larger paintings I like to paint with pallet knives to lay the paint on thickly, providing lots of texture that may not be evident from photographs.

Hopefully a few of you will be able to come and see the paintings in person during Artweeks - just a week until my studio opens! Fingers crossed I have everything ready by then - should be fine as long as there is a break from the wind and rain so I can finish tidying the garden :)

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