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Artweeks Day 6

'The beauty of small things' 12"x12" oil on canvas board

Featured in today's themed video on 'The Beauty of Small Things' is this painting I did with Peter Keegan artist in a zoom lesson during lockdown. Peter currently has a solo exhibition @fitchandfellows art gallery in Thame, if you're in the area. I'm hoping I'll have time this weekend to pop along in between preparation for my own show opening on the 15th.

Today's video is here:

This painting was challenging because of all the shiny surfaces, and the curved bowl! But I love cherries, so it was worth persevering with it. I've just planted a patio cherry tree in my garden and hope I can get to the cherries before the birds, when it starts to fruit. If it stays small enough I can put a net over it - that's the plan anyway!

This painting is one of four and they'll all be released, together with my bird series, to my VIP collectors first on Friday May 14th. Sign up using the link above if you don't want to miss out!

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