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Artweeks Day 5

Today’s theme is 'The Animal Kingdom’, which allows me to introduce the first painting in my new bird series! Meet Mr Robin.

‘Red, red Robin’, A4 oil on canvas board

You can view the art trail for today here:

I’ve always enjoyed watching the birds, as a young child I remember seeing Starling murmurations above our house and being absolutely mesmerised by them. We had a large Oak tree nearby where they would roost. I miss seeing them where I live now.

During Lockdown birds have been a distraction from the stress of daily life, and I have enjoyed looking out of my window and following their antics. Aerial combat from a rook trying to distract a loitering red kite is always exciting!

Robins are one of my favourite birds, there is usually one perched nearby when I am digging in the garden, ready to snap up any grubs or worms I might turn up. A friend of mine has them literally feeding out of his hand, but I’d rather not have those wiggly mealworms near me!

The series will be released for advanced sale to my VIP collectors via email on May 14th and will then be released to the general public during my open studio event from May 15th. If you want to become a VIP collector please join my email list (link at the top of this page).

What is your favourite bird?

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