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Artweeks Day 4

Today’s theme is 'Home Comforts & Interior Design’ and you can view the video art trail here:

‘Light my fire’ 16” x 16” oil on canvas board

Interior design is another of my passions, and I've almost completed a complete a refurbishment of my current home, just one room to go! It had been in the same ownership since it was built in the late 1950s and was in desperate need of some TLC (tender loving care).

This painting is inspired by the ‘snug’ in our previous home, a room with little natural light in the centre of the house. We added a garden room adjacent, with a large roof lantern and a wall of folding doors, to maximise the light reaching this space. We also added a wood burning fire for cosy winter nights.

As you can see my love of colour extends to the walls and furniture in my home, although anyone who knows this room will note that I have altered it slightly - primarily adding the sunflower painting above the chair. It's amazing how the right painting can light up a room. One day I might actually complete the tapestry that inspired this imaginary painting and it can finally be displayed!

Do you enjoy interior design, or have you got a favourite room? What is special about it?

Right now I'm really enjoying the wood-burning stove in my sitting room as I listen to the wind and rain outside. I hope the exhibitors today didn't get blown away.

Remember that my VIPs will get first dibs on my new painting collection that is being shown at Artweeks - sign up to my email using the link above if you want to join my exclusive collectors and stay in touch by email :)

Tracy x

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