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Artweeks Day 21

Three weeks in and just three days left! Today’s theme is big and bold so I’m sharing the biggest painting I have ever done (though still small compared to other more established artists!). I’m working myself up to bigger paintings gradually 🙂 Here’s the link to the themed art trail

Tranquil Turtle 2 oil on stretched canvas 60 x 50cm I love all wild-life but especially water creatures. I was an keen swimmer as a child and considered learning scuba diving when younger, so I could see first hand the amazing habitats brought to life by David Attenborough’s nature programs. Sadly a lot of those habitats are under threat now due to our pollution, plastic waste and fishing methods. Some turtles are already endangered 😢 I love the silver frame that came from - it was a bit if a risk ordering on-line but they have a great mock up service where you can upload an image and try out different frames. Highly recommend them if you’re in the UK and in need of a framer - they turnaround their bespoke frames pretty quickly too compared to other services I’ve tried. Very quiet day at Artweeks yesterday, hardly surprising due to all the wind and rain! Still, I sold another painting and sold out of my bird card packs - good job I have more on order arriving today! Here’s the link again in case you wanted to order some yourself (lots of other designs also available).

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