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Artweeks Day 20

Can you believe it has been nearly three weeks since the beginning of Artweeks? Just 4 days left. I’m open again at 11am today and am expecting a few visitors over the next few days. Weather forecast isn't good though!

Today’s theme is Patterns and Shapes, and you can view the themed art trail here:, it features some gorgeous jewellery and pottery. One disadvantage of being an exhibitor is I’m missing out on seeing all these lovely things!

Poppies in a red jug 12x12” oil on canvas panel

So here is the nearest painting I have with any pattern in it, though really all paintings are just a collection of shapes in different colours!

I loved this chequered table cloth and bright red jug, but the pattern turned out to be quite challenging to paint! I decided to give it a looser style so all those lines didn’t need to be so exact. The jug isn’t mine, sadly, but I really really want one! As you know red is my favourite colour ❤️❤️❤️

To celebrate the last few days of Artweeks I am offering £20 off the shipping costs for any of my Artworks until the end of the festival - that’s effectively free shipping for all of my smaller pieces 🍾🥂. So please go ahead and grab yourself a bargain before someone else snaps it up this weekend!

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