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Artweeks Day 19

Todays’s theme is Portraiture, Pets and People so I’m sharing a wall of paintings done during lockdown with Sky TV’s Portrait Artist of the Week community program. You can view the themed video trail from Artweeks here:

The program was broadcast over social media on Sundays during lockdown, with an Artist painting a famous sitter live over 4 hours, each within their own home. Artists from all over the world could watch and join in, submitting their final paintings to Instagram for the judges to view and select their top 3 each week. There ended up being 3 series of the program coinciding with each lockdown period over 2020-21. I was inspired to join in by some of my painting friends and was thrilled when my painting of Samira Ahmed was shortlisted by the judges one week! The conversations between the artist and the sitter were always very interesting and the four hours flew by. It was a lovely community to have whilst being in isolation. Many of the sitters work in the entertainment industry, which has been very badly hit by the pandemic, so I’m offering these paintings in exchange for a donation to the Theatre Artists Fund, a charity providing emergency support to theatre workers and freelancers across the UK during the pandemic. Just email me with an offer! All paintings are 12”x12” and oil.

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