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Artweeks Day 17

Today’s theme is Tactile Treasures, and you can view the themed video here - lots of fabric, jewellery and pottery to admire.

You might think paintings don’t have much texture, but actually they can be very tactile if thick paint is applied with a pallet knife. This style of painting, with thick textured paint is called impasto.

Acer sunshine 8x10” oil on canvas board

This little painting sold yesterday and has oodles of texture. It was inspired by a trip to Claydon House and gardens in Bucks before lockdown. I met up with an artist friend so we could visit an exhibition by a local wild-life artist in the old stables there, and then we explored the beautiful gardens. This little yellow tree really drew my attention, full of live and vigour compared to the dead tree behind.

Other examples of impasto pieces are my Croatia series and my turtle and kingfisher paintings.

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