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Artweeks Day 13

Today's theme is 'Elements of the earth' and you can view today's themed video here:, featuring lots of ceramics and pottery.

One last look , 21cm x 30cm oil on canvas panel

There are just two more days to prepare for Artweeks on Saturday, and I thought I should share another painting in my new bird series.

This is a great tit, having one last look back at the bird feeder before flying back to its nest. I am very grateful to the photographers in the facebook group ' free reference photos for artists' for allowing me to use their beautiful bird photographs free of copyright. I would love to take my own images but just don't have the time or patience (or decent enough camera) to do that at the moment. The reference image for this (and for several other of my birds) came from the photographer Bill Jones.

The bird collection will be showing for the first time on Saturday, together with other new paintings that haven't yet been seen. They may or may not have the right frames as I am still waiting for a delivery!

My VIP followers will have first access to the collection from Friday as I will be emailing them with a special access link. If you want to join them, sign up using the link above - you'll also get a 10% discount code to use (and other special offers and previews).

Got to crack on - lots still to do! Web-site isn't fully updated yet with all the new framed images and paintings and I still have to string up and hang a lot of paintings. I did manage to finish tidying up the garden yesterday though - just the grass to cut (or I could just say I'm taking part in no-mow May!)

Until tomorrow

Tracy x

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