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Artweeks Day 12

Today's theme is Figures and Form, and you can see the daily themed video here:

'Monmouth castle in the rain' 30cm x 40cm oil on canvas panel

This is one of my earliest paintings but is still one of my favourites. It features my three children, visiting Monmouth castle in Wales during a torrential downpour. Wales is legendary for its wet weather, at least in our experience, and we decided to visit the castle despite the impending storm. It did mean that we pretty much had the place to ourselves!

I love this painting because it captures the characters of my three children so well - my sporty son at the front racing off to find imaginary soldiers/pirates/dinosaurs, the energetic middle child at the back racing to catch up, and the petulent teenager in the centre, claiming the umbrella and trudging up the hill even though there were probably a dozen other things she would rather be doing at that moment.

I finally ordered a frame for this painting earlier this week, as there is now wall space in our newly refurbished and redecorated home. I shall be keeping this one for myself, and each time I look at it I shall remember not only that day, but the characters of those children that are now grown up.

I think it is that strong emotional connection that compels us to want to own a particular piece of art, and sometimes a blank spot on a wall can be waiting a while for that right piece to come along - although in my case it was the art waiting for the wall space!

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