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Artweeks Day 11

Today's theme is 'Rivers and Lakes' and the daily themed art trail is here:

'Otter river crossing' 16"x12" oil on canvas panel

This is an older painting that I'd like to revisit now my knowledge of tonal values has improved. Just a few darker tones on the rocks and in the trees, and it will be done. It was the first time I tried to paint moving water.

I loved this photograph of the waterfall and decided to add the otter (because I love them). It was challenging ensuring the right scale.

Apparently there are now otters living in our local river, but I have yet to see one in the wild. I've seen sea otters, though, on a visit to the aquarium in Barcelona a few years ago. The aquarium is well set up so you can see them swimming on both the surface of the water and underneath. The mums swimming on their backs whilst hugging their babies and keeping them dry are just the cutest!

I'm very drawn to all things watery, being a Pisces and a frequent swimmer as a child. Holidays alway revolved around swimming pools! Actually they still do, though I swim a lot less these days :)

My next series is likely to feature more rivers and waterways - I have lots of ideas.

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