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Doesn't time fly!

November 2020

After a brief hiatus from lockdown here in the UK we are back in a second mini lockdown here. Fortunately, SkyTV have brought back their Portrait Artist of the Week program that I took part in back in Spring. I have been participating again and was lucky enough to have my painting of journalist Samira Ahmed featured on the program last week! It's been a great experience and great practice for me. The conversations each week are also very interesting and well worth tuning in for - programs are available on the SkyTV facebook page to watch, and live programs are broadcast each week on Sundays from 10am - 2pm.

I wonder if you can recognise the sitters?

So what next?

My painting collection is steadily growing and it's time for me to have a clear out to make room for some new ideas that I'm working on. So I am offering my smaller, unframed paintings for sale with free shipping to UK and Ireland from Monday November 30th (Cyber Monday) for one week only. For those further afield shipping will have a 50% discount. 

PAOTW part 2.jpeg

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