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What did you do during lockdown?

September 2020

Many of us took the opportunity to try something new whilst stuck at home during lockdown this spring.

An exhibition during a September weekend at Dorchester Abbey in Oxfordshire, UK showcased the various talents acquired by villagers during this period, and I showcased my attempts at portraiture!

During lockdown SkyTV broadcast a weekly paint-along show over facebook where artists from all over the world could paint a celebrity alongside an artist participant from  the Portrait Artist of the Year TV show. I finally plucked up courage to join in on week 5. Portrait Artist of the Week (PAOTW) was a great success with 100s of artists submitting their portraits to instagram each week.

As well as my portraits, I exhibited a few still life paintings completed during lockdown, offered for sale with proceeds benefitting the Abbey.

Lockdown exhibition 2020.jpg

September 2020

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